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We Increase Your Margins by Supplying RFID Infra-Structure Around the Reader

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·        Cable assemblies for any RFID Reader / Antenna

o   ImPinj

o   Motorola / Zebra

o   Thing Magic

o   Alien

o   Others

"Custom length and configurations our specialty " 


·        Technical Help Matching Cable vs Loss & Connectors

·        Wide Assortment of Antennas (Circular & Vertical Polarized)

o   Laird

o   Astron Wireless,

o   PCTel

o   Transtech Systems

o   Near Field

o   UHF / 800 / 900 / 2400 Mhz Bands Covered

·        Quick Turn Around. Shipping same day for Limited Assemblies & Antennas!

·        Technically Experienced Phone Staff

Check out Links for More Detail Info:

RFID Antenna Options

-         General Purpose Industrial RFID Antennas

-         Near Field Antenna  

-         Special Applications

-         Internal & Tough (Fork Lift)  Antennas

-         Small / Less Area 

Cable Assembly Configurator / Quote (Select LMR cable if Unsure)

Technical Equipment Distributors, Inc. (TEDI)   800-729-8334 / Sales@rfdistributor.com






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