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E/M Wave Launches New GPS/GLNSS Magnet Mount Antenna



E/M WaveLaunches NewGPS/GLNSS Magnet Mount Antenna

To our Valued Customers,



We are excited to introduce our newest antenna, adding to the GPS product family. The EM-MG13004-SP provides state of the art, low profile, compact magnetic mount antenna technology, specifically developed for precision GPS/GLNSS navigation receivers.


EM-MG13004-SP GPS/GLNSS Magnet Mount Antenna Specifications

The EM-MG13004-SP provides complete IP67 ingress protection in a rugged polycarbonate enclosure for maximum environmental resistance. The broadband antenna incorporating the latest SAW filter technology ensures optimal RF performance, receiving both GPS and GLNSS satellite signals for enhanced precision navigation and tracking applications.


The advantage of using this broadband, high gain, high noise rejection antenna, includes increased accuracy for navigating and tracking in both open sky and urban canyon environments where high multi-path conditions obscure the direct line of site from the GPS satellite constellation.


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If you would like to inquire and learn more about the value and quality E/M Wave provides for your antenna applications, please feel free to contact Travis at 216.453.1160, dial "9", then Ext. "8320".

We would enjoy hearing from you and assisting with your antenna requirements.



We appreciate the opportunity to learn and earn your antenna business.


Best Regards,


Your E/M Wave Sales Team

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