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Announcing Magnetic Mount and Aerodynamic

GPS / 4G LTE / WiFi MIMO Fleet Antennas



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In 2014, PCTEL, Inc. released a series of multiband antennas that bring high-speed data communications to public safety and commercial fleets. These high performance antennas include LTE, Wi-Fi, and GPS capabilities in a single low-profile housing. The result combines exceptional performance with ease of installation.

In 2015, two new fleet management antennas from PCTEL will make high-speed data communications even easier. First, we are introducing a magnetic mount version of our innovative 5-port multiband fleet management antenna. This is the ideal platform for temporary installations such as rental vehicle fleets. Second, PCTEL has created a sleeker, more aerodynamic fleet management antenna that is perfect for public safety or other vehicular applications requiring a smaller footprint solution.

Our new magnetic mount antennas are now available for shipment. New smaller footprint antennas will be available in March.




This 5-Port GPS and communications antenna provides outstanding performance for critical fleet management applications.
• Optimal 4G LTE MIMO and dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi
• High rejection GPS LNA assembly
• Attractive low profile housing
• IP67 compliant design
• High performance, low loss cable and high quality connectors
• Rare earth magnets for outstanding pull force resistance
• White or black housing options

Part Number (white housing): GPSHPDLTEMIMO-SF-MM
Part Number (black housing): BGPSHPDLTEMIMO-SF-MM



Our most compact multiband GPS and communications option.
• Optimal 4G LTE and dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi
• High Rejection GPS LNA assembly
• Aerodynamic, compact, UV-resistant housing
• IP67 compliant design
• High performance, low loss cable and high quality connectors
• White or black housing options

Part Number (black housing): GPSHPMIMO-LTB
Part Number (white housing): GPSHPMIMO-LTW






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